Other Carat pilots
This site wants to introduce other Carat pilots. We arent too many with only about 30 airframes built. If anyone of you wants something in here just contact me! In the future Id like to arrange a Fly-Inn for the European Carat pilots. So far Ive just flown together with Johannes Zacheja who also has a nice homepage about his two-year experience with the Carat.
In February 2011 I helped my good friend Bill Batesole buying the Carat prototype very spontaneously from the Technoflug company. I saw the ad one evening just after it had been added and the very next day I made a trip to Winzeln to make a down payment and a handshake to seal the deal. There were so many coincidences involved there that made this possible...and a lot of good luck of course!
Shipping to the US and paperwork took quite a while but now Bill is the proud owner of Carat #1, N84FE which is now based in Springfield, VT.
my-carat032002.jpg my-carat032001.jpg
I had a lot of email contact with another friend for a long time. We had good fun in our conversations and I learned quite a bit from him. Admiral George Strohsahl died in May 2011 after a short illness. His Carat N135GS was named "Spirit of Strohsahl" after his death and will be maintained and flown regularly by a friend until it is sold.