After having flown without an electronic variometer for about two years I bought an LX7007 proIGC with FLARM and an SD-card slot from a guy in England. I also got myself an Oudie to have a larger moving map.
This wasn´t the solution I had planned for (an LX9000 would have been it), but it was cheaper and first of all very easy to install, no new instrument panel needed.
I´m very with the instrument! It supplies the Oudie with power and all relevant data, so there aren´t any extra cables in the cockpit anymore. 
my-carat043007.jpg my-carat043006.jpg
My JAXIDA-covers started to disintegrate after three years of extensive use. The surface apparently suffered from UV-radiation, but maybe wrong shortterm storage had contributed to their bad state too.
At the AERO 2011 exhibition at Friedrichshafen I had a close look at the different cover manufacturers. On the same day I ordered new ISS-protect covers from a company called aeroprotect. They looked very strong and the included hail protection also provides good ventilation. It took a while until I finally got them, and the fuselage part still has to be improved but I´m impressed by their quality and the handling. Even after long periods of rain with almost no wind there is no moisture underneath the covers. The wing covers are divided into three parts which makes handling easy, especially in windy conditions. I had doubts about the handling, but my worries turned out to be wrong.
After four years of experience storing a glider outside I have to report that I´ve reached a point where I sleep very well even when we have strong winds or thunderstorms. The airplane still looks great and the setup has let me make a lot of flights for which I wouldn´t have rigged the glider.
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Technical trouble:
Owning an airplane gives you little problems from time to time. The Carat is no excemption, although I´ve had little trouble so far.
The annual inspection and maintenance is made in a professional shop and I´ve always made it through the flying season with no glitches. But this spring I found a little leak in the fuel line connector that holds the drain valve. It wasn´t too bad but of course I had to do something about it. I repaired it with epoxy but ordered a spare part from AMS. It didn´t take very long for it to arrive, so it seems that spare part supply from AMS works!
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